Who we are
SWIM Worldwide is a private financial consultancy which advises clients on any aspect of their financial situation. Whether it be short, medium or long term planning our goal is to provide you with totally impartial advice with regards to your personal financial goals.

Our highly trained team comprises of professionals with experience in retail and investment banking, broker/dealer services and financial consulting within the UK, USA, Europe and Latin America. With SWIM, you can rely on a company that is committed to offering you satisfaction through bespoke solutions based on our extensive global experience, technological infrastructure and human resource. Together this has made SWIM a leader within the Financial Services Industry.

Where we are
SWIM is currently the largest private financial consultancy within our sector in South America and one of the fastest growing worldwide. We have offices located in many cities in the region supporting our clients and partners in South America. We also have permanent consultants based in Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru.

Outside South America, SWIM have offices in Switzerland as well as personnel in Europe and the Caribbean. We also provide worldwide support for our clients in Eastern Europe, Far East and Asia from our offices in London and Switzerland.

How we work
SWIM will allocate your own personal Investment Manager who will work with you to ensure that your future financial planning requirements are structured effectively. Once we have conducted a full analysis with you regarding your financial situation, we will then be in a position to carry out research on your behalf utilising the many financial institutions we recommend and provide you with tailor- made solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. This is our strength - the ability to provide you with sound, impartial and independent advice, which is exactly what you, the client, deserve.

Opportunities and Security
Our clients have wide ranging needs from Offshore Banking, Regular Savings, Capital Investments, Insurance and Trust Services. Regardless of our clients needs we can access most investment opportunities for them using our independence and knowledge of the marketplace, always ensuring that not only you receive the right advice but that as an investor you know exactly what is available to you.