It is often said that a company´s best assets are its people. At SWIM worldwide we truly believe this. We are always looking for talented, ambitious and skilled individuals who can really make a difference.

Our recruitment strategy is simply to find the best people and develop them to their full potential. As an investor in people, SWIM offers both internal and external advancement programmes to make this happen. Whether you are already successful in a particular field, or a graduate looking to start your career, SWIM welcomes your application

SWIM is constantly expanding its offices and as a result, we are always looking for people, the best people, to drive the business forward. If you want to be part of the future of SWIM and believe you can make a difference, please contact us.

"SWIM, where people make the difference!"

Ben. Consultant - South America

One of the main attractions of choosing my location was the thought of working in a fast paced, busy and vibrant city with lots to do and I certainly haven't been let down by Buenos Aries.

What other city can you wake up in the morning, take a pleasant walk in the sun to work, eat at the best restaurants for lunch and then finish the week by taking a well earned trip to Punta del Este. To enjoy a weekend at one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world, something most people never do. All it takes is a strong work ethic, a winning attitude and you can enjoy the delights of taking time off to visit cities like Santiago, Lima and many other exotic places.
Since I have been with SWIM I have made lifelong friends, seen things and been places that are in most peoples dreams and moved my career forward in a place I never thought possible. If you think you have what it takes, join us and share in our exciting future in one of the most up and coming continents in the world.
You won't regret it!

P. Greene. Consultant - Brazil

It is a real joy to be back in Brazil, and an even greater pleasure to be a part of the SWIM team once again! The new office facilities are very progressive, and I feel that the renewed focus to continue to be the industry leader here in Brazil is a noble dedication by SWIM Worldwide. I am very much inspired by the plans for regional expansion, and the tenacious spirit with which SWIM has proudly endured through the challenges and championed the path to a new frontier of consistent service, uncompromising independence and in this new economy the unwavering comfort of security for its valued clients.

The SWIM team is made up with a number of diverse cultures but all consummate professionals, who all understand the inextricable link between being a trusted adviser and truly caring about the affairs of their clients.

There is a singular pledge to assist clients with accruing the wealth desired, then ensuring that such is well protected, and then working with each client as his life style changes to offer frugal advice on how to redistribute that wealth and live their golden years with the maximum level of dignity and comfort. I am delighted to be back and look forward to assisting Paul and the team in ensuring simply the very best standard of service possible for every client.

I have a great camaraderie here with the team! So if you are committed to working hard, resolved at being a competent professional and managing your time well - then I would encourage you to give SWIM real consideration. There is a real investment in people! If you are like me and you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to determine how much you earn - then without reservations I would strongly recommend you look into joining the SWIM team!