How secure are my investments?
SWIM Worldwide will generally advise our clients of products or institutions that provide either 100% Capital Guarantees from major banks or UK Government 90% investor protection. This type of protection is found on islands such as Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey and ensures that investments are protected against corporate failure or fund mismanagement. Full due diligence is undertaken on all institutions and funds before they are recommended to our clients.

How much will it cost me?
From your first initial meeting with a personal investment manager, you can rest assured that you will never directly pay a consultancy fee to SWIM.
Our service is based upon high quality and sound advice with no charge for our client consultancy meetings.

What happens if I change location?
Should you happen to change your geographic location, our commitment to you and our service promise remains the same...... SWIM will either allocate an advisor in your region, or continue our service from your initial country of contact. Either way, you can rest assured that we will always be on hand to assist you and your family wherever life takes you.

How will I be advised?
Before giving you specific advice, we need to have a clear picture of your current financial situation and what you, the client would like to achieve. At SWIM, there is no standard product menu equally suited to all clients. It is crucial to know where you are today so we can properly plan for tomorrow. To listen to you, know what your needs and expectations are, this is the first step towards creating custom-designed financial solutions for you. SWIM will allocate your own personal investment manager who will work with you to ensure that your future financial planning requirements are structured effectively and that our recommendations will fit perfectly into your current and long-term plans.